Does German Public Health Insurance Cover My Partner?
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Does German Public Health Insurance Cover My Partner?


In Germany, public health insurance may cover your partner or spouse at no additional cost. Here are three questions to determine eligibility.

Did you move to Germany with a spouse or partner? Then you may be able to get them covered under your public insurance plan at no additional cost. We’ve already covered this a bit in our post on dependents—but there are some specific things to look out for when trying to get a partner covered.

Here are three main questions to ask that help determine coverage eligibility:

1. Are you “official”?

The German government only recognizes partners as dependents under two conditions:

  • You’re married. This seems self-explanatory, but you’ll need to be registered as married by the German government. 
  • You’re in a “registered partnership.” In Germany, this kind of partnership is only available to homosexual couples. So even if you’re in a registered opposite-sex civil union in your home country, there’s a good chance it won’t be “official” enough for German standards. 

If your relationship fulfills either of these criteria, then your partner could be eligible for coverage by your insurance. But don’t celebrate just yet—there are a still a couple more questions to answer!

2. Is your partner unemployed?

If your partner is not working, then you are considered the primary breadwinner. In this case, your partner will be covered by your public insurance. In most cases, if your partner become employed, they will have to begin paying for their own insurance.

3. Is your partner employed—but earning very little?

If your partner is working a job or mini-job, but earning less than €470/month, then they can be insured under your policy at no additional cost. 

Get covered

If you fulfill these requirements, then you can sign your partner up under your insurer’s Familienversicherung option. This means your partner will be insured at no additional cost—but the process varies slightly from insurer to insurer:

Did you know? Public insurance only covers limited dental services. Supplemental dental insurance covers tooth cleanings, tooth replacements, and more. 

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