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The Feather Guide to German Health Insurance

Welcome to the Feather Health Insurance Guide. The purpose of this document is to ensure that health insurance seekers in Germany know their options so they can make informed decisions.

Our Health Insurance Guide will cover the three main types of health insurance we offer:

We’ll start out with a few prompts to help you to examine your own lifestyle and priorities so you can go into the insurance search with clear goals in mind. Then we’ll give you a broad overview of the German health insurance system, helping you better understand the types of insurance that exist—and for whom they’re most useful. Finally, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about applying for membership, including eligibility requirements, estimated monthly costs, visa and residence permit regulations, and more.

Our Promise

We know “honest, simple insurance” may sound too good to be true—but we work every day to make it a reality. We achieve our promise to you, the customer, through a few key tenets of our business model:

Transparency: Want to know how we operate? We’ll tell you.

Feather is a licensed insurance broker in Germany, and we receive a commission from directing our customers to sign up for both public and private health insurance policies. We identify as a “public-first” company, meaning we will always suggest signing up with one of Germany’s many Krankenkassen if it makes the most sense for our customers. But if a private plan makes more sense for your lifestyle, we’ll help you navigate the many options!

Customer-centered service: Your needs are important to us.

A wide variety of products means we can help a wide variety of customers. For instance, we know that a single freelancer staying in Germany for a year has very different health insurance needs than someone with a family who’s planning to stay in Germany long-term. We will always recommend the best health insurance for your lifestyle—so if one of our own-brand products seems like a good fit, we’ll suggest those; but as thousands of public health signups will attest, we’ll never shy away from recommending public insurance if it’s the right choice for you.

Digital-first approach: Let us make the process easier for you.

Until recently, German insurers seemed to be lightyears away from a digital experience. We work with our public and private partners to ensure our customers have a seamless online experience with their insurance provider—everything from signup to claims filing is done online. (And all in English!)

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